Open Comms Swap PR For PJ’s

It started as a charity dare with a target of £100 for Nostell’s Walled Garden residents, Open Communications, but quickly escalated into an incredible £390 raised for Comic Relief.

Open Comms’ Lindsey Davies accepted the Red Nose Day challenge, set by colleagues Emma Lupton and Hannah Preston, to attend a business meeting in Leeds wearing her pyjamas – little did she realise at the time that she would first have to take a trip to the local newsagents and also do the school run. Her day suddenly went from night ware to nightmare!

Lindsey Davies
Open Comms’ Lindsey Davies – Pyjama Shopping

Back at the office – and after the initial embarrassment of turning up to work in PJ’s (and Emma in a lion onesie!) – the girls used social media to encourage everyone they knew to donate to Comic Relief and help make a real difference. Much to their surprise the target total increased little by little until by the end of the evening it was a massive £300.

The Open Comms Team
The Open Comms Team – Emma Lupton, Lindsey Davies & Hannah Preston

The good news kept on coming though, and the final fundraising total stands at £390!!

Open Comms send a massive thank you to all friends, families, clients and suppliers who dug deep into their pockets and gave so generously.